"Thebes" Guitar Strap - Blue Seatbelt Backing

"Thebes" Guitar Strap - Blue Seatbelt Backing

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Every once in a while I like to make something a little different. This one stands out with beautiful blue seatbelt backing and metallic design. I used super heavy duty chunky black gunmetal hardware. This stuff is made for horse saddles etc. The ends have been given the whole edge treatment involving burnishing and polishing.


This one is totally unique and sure to impress!!!



- Blue/red/gold/black metallic woven Jacquard fabric

- Blue seat belt backing

- Super heavy duty metal black rings and buckle, black rivets

- 8/9oz distressed brown full grain buffalo leather ends * full edge treatment 

- Heavy duty abrasion resistant upholstery thread

- 2 inches wide

- Adjustable from 34 to 62 inches

- Can be used with electric, bass, or acoustic guitar

- Small batch limited run of each design

- Handmade in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

 * These photos are of the actual strap for sale

 *Colours may look different due to lighting and monitor settings

Care instructions: This is woven material, to prolong it's life, use two hands when adjusting the slide buckle, if fraying occurs anywhere on the strap, cut the fibre, don't pull it out.  These specific designs have been chosen for durability, many were rejected in the process. Due to the nature of all woven fabric some precautions should be taken. These straps are all inspected after assembly, if there is an issue with yours, contact me and we will make it right through exchange or refund.

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Heirloom quality guitar straps with impeccable attention to detail. Have replaced all other straps with these.